queXF Windows Installation

queXF for Windows (using XAMPP)

queXF for Windows is simply the queXF package with all the required executable files and configuration to run out of the box. This functionality is provided by the XAMPP package. I have simply packaged queXF using XAMPP, and added Ghostscript and ADOdb

It may be useful for testing and temporary use but please note that XAMPP is not necessarily secure, and may need to be modified for secure use.


  1. Download the queXF for Windows package from SourceForge

  2. Execute the file to extract it to a root directory (such as c:\ ) or a usb stick root directory (eg e:\ ) - It is a 7zip compressed self executable file

    • Please note you will need at least 500Mb free

  1. Go to the directory: xampp


  1. Execute the file mysql_start.bat

  2. Execute the file apache_start.bat

  3. Go to: http://localhost/forbidden/quexf/admin/ in your browser

    • Note you will need to use the default credentials of:

      • Username: user

      • Password: pass

  1. Follow the queXF documentation here: http://quexf.sourceforge.net/node/16


  1. Execute the file apache_stop.bat

  2. Execute the file mysql_stop.bat

Modify permissions:

  1. Edit the file xampp\htdocs\forbidden\.htpasswd and add usernames and passwords in the format username:password

  2. Make sure to let queXF know about the new users by going to: http://localhost/forbidden/quexf/admin/operators.php and updating the user list